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Happy experiences

What a wonderful day!

We decided to do this tour to give us a break from beach and water days. We wanted to immerse ourselves in the Cayman culture and learn about their food and heritage. Review of online reviews were outstandingly positive, particularly about tour guide Nikki. It was almost unbelievable that so many people could write such wonderful things about the same person. Were her personal friends writing these reviews? Well after spending the day with Nikki I can say that yes they were because at the end of the day you feel more like her friend than just another patron. Every kind word written is absolutely true!! The places we went, the food, the Rum distillery, the National Gallery were all wonderful but Nikki really makes the day special. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring and fun. She takes care of every single thing to ensure you have a wonderful experience. That said, the food was amazing from the goat, roti, ceviche, gourmet hamburger with a Caribbean flare, gelato (pistachio was AMAZING) and of course the rum tasting (Mishka our Rum tasting host was hilarious. Even if the rum was terrible, which it isn’t, he is worth the visit. This excursion is well worth every penny!!

Dawn H
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Do this tour!!

This was the best experience!! Nicki was a lovely guide, so full of information. We went to a few outstanding local restaurants with delicious food. Do this tour!!!

Tara G
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Caribbean culinary tour

We had the best time enjoying the Caribbean local food scene and the rum distillery but the icing on the cake was our guide Nikki. What a gem, she MADE our experience 5 star!! Wish we could have been with her all day!!

kim s
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The best food + culture + friends.

Small friendly group with Nikki as our guide made for a wonderful experience. I learned so much about the culture of the island and the food stop at Lime was fabulous.

Georgia W
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Best tour we have been on!!!

Nikki is the best tour guide ever!!! We had a great time, ate great tasting food and learned a lot about the island!! We laughed and had such a great time! I would definitely encourage people to try this experience! The food was full portion size, too, so you won't go hungry!

Rebecca W
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Come hungry and ready to get to know Grand Cayman

Best day on Grand Cayman!
Nikki was absolutely delightful and accommodating. We were a solo couple and got grand treatment.
Amazing food, rum tasting and cultural sites. Highly recommend it.

Dennis M
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Tour is amazing with guide Nikki being the best part!

I haven't had a food tour this good in a long time! From the moment Nikki picked me up from the villa I know I was going to have a blast. I want to first say it was easy to book the tour and the company followed up to make sure the pick up location as correct.

Back to the tour...every place we went to the food was exceptional and FULL portions on the food. We had roti, ceviche, patties, tasted 12 varieties of rum, received mini rum cakes and had the most amazing gelato. It required to go boxes and I had dinner for that night. Picking one of the best restaurants would be like picking my favorite shoes. The added treat was the beautiful artwork at the gallery. It was awesome to see the focus on local artists.

Nikki is full of information about the island and it's people. She shared a lot about the island's history under rule by Jamaica (fun fact) to life after the devastating hurricane to now. Truly a gem! If you select this tour , I'm sure all the guides are good but your in for a treat if you get Nikki.

T Fletch
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Nicky was amazing!!

Our driver Nicki was just amazing. Very informative and kind. Showed us all around the city with great tips on history. She was an incredible delight. She made the entire trip. Would highly recommend this for anyone. The food was fantastic. The Rum tasting was great

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Solo birthday cruise

The food the facts tue art the island! All breathing! Nikki the tour guide, simply AMAZING! This experience will b truly unforgettable!

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A must do experience in Grand Cayman

I do food tours in most places I travel and this one was the best in terms of quality I've ever done. Nikki was our guide for the experience and she made this one of the most outstanding travel experiences I've had ever. With Nikki it felt like we had a really close family friend who took us to some of her favorite, off the radar places. The type of places you'd never go to on your own as an out-of-towner but secretly hope you run across. She introduced us to local roti (oh my god!!!), Italian gelato (owned by Italians who relocated to GC), a local distillery and one of my favorite stops on our tour, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands where we were immersed in the remarkable, lovely pieces from local artists. I can't wait to go back and take this tour again. Do yourself a favor: book this tour and request Nikki. It will enhance your GC experience and open your eyes to the hidden gems on the island. Thank you Nikki!! Five months later I still think about that day and soooo miss the food.

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Amazing food and rum BEST tour guide ever!!

We had such an amazing time! Food and rum was delicious and the views were breath taking but our guide Nicki really made it the best trip!! She was so sweet and accommodating! I have been on hundreds of excursions and she was by far the best guide I have every had!

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Great highlight of our trip

Excellent tour with some nice food and information about the island. Highlights are the gelato and the rum tour. As others have said, food portions are big so go full.


Michael N
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